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Just Another Sunny Day In Paradise ......

all seasons in one day 0 °C

So............ Australia
I arrived @ WakeUp Hostel around 8am, by this time I had been travelling for what seemed like an eternity with no Alcohol, Food or Energy left in my system. But the mere sight of those Dirty Glass Doors were more than enough to throw my senses into a frenzy and once again I felt like Superman !!! As I pounced up to the reception desk I was confronted by a lovely Australian Women who then presided to tell me I couldn't check into my room until at least 10am which was shortly followed by what I have come to recognise as a spring shower! (But in your average Europeans eyes is more like a tropical storm) Immediately I sank back into my sunglasses & Thongs (Flip Flops) and felt like death again :(
The First couple of days went pretty much the same Doom & Gloom horrible weather, nothing particularly amazing to write home about. Although during this time i did meet my first travelling buddy which helped boost my spirits through the patchy arrival period, a chance meeting in the lift on the way back down from my drab & lonely 8 person dorm room. Which then turned into two lost Brits braving the Tropical Tsunami in search of brighter pastures only to get lost & retire for a cup of English Breakfast accompanied by a muffin in the café downstairs.
(Don't Worry Though This Story Isn't All Doom & Gloom)
Hello Sunny Sydney

Day 3, The Day of The Boat Trip...... & it seriously couldn't have come quick enough Sun, Sand, Beer & BBQ with a couple of beautiful views thrown in for free.........
Finally the realisation of Sydney began to beckon on me, the sights seemed more visceral, the sun brighter & the water more flawless than any other place half the world away. sailing round the harbour was to put it lightly Simply Awesome!!!
The boat took a route around the bay & along side The Royal Botanic Gardens offering a complete different perspective of the bustling metropolis. Amazingly after what seemed like only minutes later we dropped anchor looking out onto a picture perfect beach without even a single footprint laid upon it, suggesting civilisation hadn't reached this piece of paradise yet.
Moments later the peaceful solitude the beach offered to no one but birds & trees was harshly interrupted by Hard-core Dance Music, Drinking Songs & Countless Bags of Goon (really really cheap wine in a bag). This was most defiantly The Cream Of The Crop, The Connoisseurs Of Party, The Settlers Returning Home To Celebrate & most defiantly the exact thing this beach had been missing.
Everyone jumped from the boat in the most elaborate way possible before swimming the short distance eager to put the first footprints on this new found land.
The boat had a BBQ attached to its stern which would feed 38 people, a feet of engineering genius & also the greatest alarm clock in the world, if it hadn't been for that BBQ i would have quite happily stayed on that beach all day. After the food the party continued, the sun kept shinning & the flight was nothing but a distant memory. A Truly Great Day !
Beautiful Sydney

The Beach

The Flip

Next Stop Base Camp !!!

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Flight of a Life Time


The day Finally arrived & the Adventure began.......
Set of from Beautiful Barnsley @ 9:15am Friday, Travelling in style with AirChina Economy Class & Arrived in WakeUp Hostel in Sydney @ 8:30am Sunday. The longest Journey of my life & it certainly lived up to the expectation.
The day started in a typical fashion with the Mitchell household awake bright & early ready for action, my belly filled with butterflies & my head still attempting to recover left in the wake of several leaving parties. Arriving @ Heathrow was defiantly the first time reality hit, recognising that "Something Is Defiantly Happening here". Then after a quick spot of traditional English tucker the stomach settled & it was off to check in.


Time for the final goodbye, a lovely moment which I will always remember & both my parents handled it like Champions, I was so proud. Reaching the departures lounge aloud my first opportunity to meet a fellow traveller & take stock of unfolding events. We met in the pub in true English Fashion, instantly my mind was at ease to learn the world was not as big & lonely as first glance suggests, also learning about what's app & many other technological advances in communication that apparently had past me by, many thanks to Becky for those words of wisdom & the company.

Upon reaching the Departures Gate I felt amazing, ready for anything & ready to take on the world. The next 9 1/2 hours were horrible!!
I admittedly am not the best flyer in the world but all this was made far worse by the fact AirChina did not serve alcohol during their flight... OMG !!!! I attempted several times to order some whiskey thinking something was getting lost in translation but alas not........
This meant I was going to have to endure a total of 22 hours flying without The Aid of Alcohol....


Landing In Beijing having no sleep & no booze I felt destroyed. Beijing however was a very welcome respite to what was becoming an incredibly argues journey. After clearing customs i found a nice quiet bar to have a drink. Beijing Airport was exactly what i expected quite & efficient, after a relaxing beer i found a little temple to have a quick snooze, 1/2 hour nap later i awoke a new man & felt tonnes better.


The Flight between Beijing - Sydney was much the same as before but unfortunately i was in a different seat & lost the understated greatness of having an Emergency Exit Seat :( ........ So 5 Films, lots of music & becoming an Absolute Pro on Pac - Man, i arrived Down Under !!!!
Getting through Customs was amazing, it took a Grand Total of 5minutes to clear & get to baggage collection..... never understood the chip in the passport but whoever invented it deserves a KnightHood.

After arriving & speaking to a couple of other backpackers, it is now my understanding that my flight was an isolated incident & apparently other airlines not only served alcohol to their weary travellers but it was also free !!

A Journey that had to be made but hopefully not to be repeated anytime in the near future and when the time finally does come to make the BIG flight back i'm defiantly splurging the Cash n going Business Class Emirates !

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Ready To GO !

Time wasting...........

Preparations complete ......... cant wait to get under way 71 Days & counting :(

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